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CocoEarth Liquid Coconut Premium Oil

CocoEarth Liquid Coconut Premium Oil.

If you're a health-conscious consumer these days, and who isn't, check out this recently launched liquid coconut cooking oil, which promises a number of health benefits.

Read to the end and enter the exciting competition where you can win a bottle of CocoEarth's Liquid Coconut Premium Oil!

CocoEarth launches Australia’s first Liquid Coconut Premium Oil (LCPO).

“We are so excited to introduce such a versatile and unique product to the market,” CocoEarth's founder Neeraj Sharma said.

Spice up your life with Cholula Hot Sauce

Cholula Hot Sauce

I love hot and spicy flavours and my recent discovery of Cholula Hot Sauce does appeal to my heat-seeking palate.

It is one of the fastest growing hot sauces on the market and is gluten-free, which is a bonus.

This spicy sauce is made from a tantalising blend of Mexican Arbol chillies, Piquin peppers and spices, delicately ground into a pepper paste and combined with seasonings and natural ingredients.

Good Buys

Good Buys

Spoonfed savoury jams

If you're looking for something different to complement your meals, try the new range of Spoonfed savoury jams.

Proudly Australian-made by Spoonfed Foods, the jams have a thick, chunky consistency which I like and are available in seven delicious varieties, including Garlic Jam, Winemakers Jam, Snag Jam, Hot Jam, Lamb Jam, Ham Jam and Pork Jam.

I loved the Hot Jam, chockful of herbs and chilli, and it was the perfect foil for our T bone steak and at another meal, grilled chicken.

Good buys -Table of Plenty hot or cold muesli

Table of Plenty hot or cold muesli

DO you prefer your muesli hot or cold?
With Table of Plenty hot or cold muesli, you can have both options.

Created by founder Kate Weiss, the muesli is chockful of yummy nutritious ingredients including oats, sultanas, honey, sunflower oil and crunchy pepitas.


Eat it with cold milk for a quick and delicious breakfast or if you like porridge, just add milk and microwave for 90 seconds.

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