Book review - Mr Hong by Dan Hong

Book review

Mr Hong by Dan Hong

Mr Hong by uber chef Dan Hong is a cookbook like no other.

It doesn't begin at the start of his career as a chef, rather, the chapter about it is near the end of the book, titled Younger Years.

Leaf through Mr Hong and you will gain an insight into his love of good food and his talent for innovative dishes.

Dan's appetite for rare sneakers,hip hop, Instagram and collecting cookbooks is only surpassed by his passion for everything from fast food to fine dining.

He grew up in a food-obsessed family and went on to work in some of the most acclaimed restaurants in Australia.

His heritage, skill and enthusiasm for experimenting with big and bold flavours make his approach unique.

Mr Hong is a beautiful book with illustrations as colourful as its author.

Discover stories and recipes from a myriad cuisines, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican and more, revived and re-invented for food lovers of all ages.

Check out these recipes: carpaccio of beef with Thai flavours, lotus cheeseburger, Fijian style sashimi, lemongrass beef taco, drunken chicken and deep fried ice cream.

But it is more than a recipe book; there are also instructions on basic essentials, like how to debone a chicken, make a stock and marinate jellyfish!

Buy it as a gift or give it to yourself.

It's a gorgeous book!


Mr Hong by Dan Hong

Published by Murdoch Books