Christmas 2015

This Christmas, 2015, A Wok on the Wild Side is pleased to present a message from

Reverend Jacqui Smith of St George's Anglican Church, Malvern:

When I see newborn babies, I am always struck by how vulnerable they are.

Which, inevitably at Christmas, makes me think of baby Jesus, the King of

kings and Son of God, according to many.

And I ask God, “Why take such risks in sending one so special to poor

people of little consequence and resources?

"Why not to rich parents in a palace to assure the security of one so precious?”

God can be puzzling at times, using seemingly less than ideal people and

circumstances to bring about his purposes.

Often in the very opposite way of how we think things ought to be done.

Yet I find it hopeful that it’s not always about the rich and powerful.

This Christmas let’s not despise the ordinary, the less than ideal.

Because sometimes God uses it to bring forth something wonderful, like the Saviour of the