Enjoy asparagus spears

Asparagus spears are here!

Spring is here and so are beautifully crisp asparagus spears!

Visit your supermarket or greengrocer and choose your favourite variety of asparagus to cook a range of healthy and delicious dishes.

We are all familiar with green asparagus, but do you know that there are also white and purple varieties?

Visit www.asparagus.com.au, the website of the Australian Asparagus Council to find out more, but here's a taster.


Asparagus tips

Selecting Asparagus
Look for firm, bright smooth, spears of uniform size with closed, compact tips. When you snap freshly harvested asparagus, it should be crisp, moist and juicy.

Storing Asparagus
Freshly harvested asparagus is very similar to cut flowers - it needs to be kept in cool, humid conditions.

To keep asparagus fresher for longer, wrap it in a damp tea towel, pop in a plastic bag and store in the crisper compartment of your fridge.

Or stand the fresh spears upright in a container with 1cm cold water, cover and store it in the refrigerator.


Check out the website for delicious recipes for asparagus and potato tortilla, warm lemon, salmon and asparagus salad, chicken and asparagus stir fry, summer pizza and many more.

Tell me which one is your favourite recipe!