Fabulous foodie fun - Australian Mushroom Growers

Fabulous foodie fun


Australian Mushroom Growers support Pink at Blue Diamond


A group of fabulous foodies gathered recently at the Blue Diamond function centre in Melbourne to help Australian Mushroom Growers support the fight against breast cancer and also to sample some scrumptious food, made with mushrooms, of course.

We were thrilled to hear that Australian Mushroom Growers have donated lots of money to charities involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Pink Ribbon Day.

Glenn Cardwell APD explained why mushrooms are good for our health and the science behind the third eating kingdom.

Did you know that you just need to eat three button mushrooms a day (or 100g) or one flat mushroom a day to enjoy its health benefits?

Mushrooms contain plenty of essential minerals like potassium, phosphorus, copper and selenium.

Boost your mineral intake with mushrooms without adding the kilojoules.

What a delicous idea!

Want some recipes to inspire you?
How about roasted mushroom and cauliflower soup, mushroom sauce with crispy gnocchi, tandoori roasted mushrooms and more?

Find them all on www.powerofmushrooms.com.au

There was a fun raffle with all proceeds going to the fight against breast cancer and A Wok on the Wild Side was happy to donate some prizes.

All images are also from www.powerofmushrooms.com.au