The Fat Duck opens at Crown

The Fat Duck opens at Crown

Acclaimed chef Heston Blumenthal says he is utterly humbled by Australia's response to the news that The Fat Duck would be nesting in Melbourne for six months.

The Fat Duck at Crown Tower Resorts will open on February 3, 2015 and in order to accommodate demand in the most equitable way, a ballot process will be used for all reservations.

Anyone – anywhere in the world – who would like to make a reservation at The Fat Duck in Melbourne will need to register for the ballot system.

All available reservations for the restaurant’s entire six-month visit to the Crown Melbourne Resort, including reservations for the Chef’s Table, will be allocated through the ballot process.

No further reservations will be added once successful applicants have been randomly selected and the ballot process is complete.

To register for the ballot, visit

Ballot entries will be accepted from 9am, Monday October 8 to midnight, Sunday October 26, 2014 (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).

Multiple ballot entries by the same applicant will be excluded, so potential guests only need to register once.

Me, I hope to have the opportunity to try his famous Sound of the Sea, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Snail Porridge dishes.

It will be the ultimate food adventure!