Foodie fun

Foodie fun

As the saying goes: laughter is the best medicine, so here's some foodie fun.

I was at a supermarket recently and came across this sign which proclaimed that the manager's special that week was "insane washed potatoes at $3.49 a kg."

Did they mean insanely cheap or that the potatoes were crazy?

We all know how peeling and slicing onions can sometimes make you cry.

Masterchef judge, chef and author Gary Mehigan told me that he once had an apprentice chef who thought he had the best solution to the problem: he wrapped some clingwrap around his head, covering his eyes!

I'm not sure if it worked, or if the clingwrap obscured his vision, instead.

Or try the "Damne Edna " glasses as worn by my friend Gavin Schofield from Brisbane. Check out the photo, he swears it works!

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