Winners: CocoEarth Liquid Coconut Premium Oil competition

Congratulations to the six lucky winners of the CocoEarth  Liquid Coconut Premium Oil competition. They are:

Rhondda Fahey

Cheryl Richter

MJ Grosvenor

Joe Mercieca

K Fitzgerald

Joseph Then

All six recipients were delighted to receive a bottle of CocoEarth coconut oil each.

MJ Grosvenor said she was already a dedicated user of it, as it results in the most delicious flavour in her food.

While Joseph Then praised the health benefits of the oil, Cheryl Richter loved its versatility, both as a cooking oil and as a beautiful moisturiser for her skin, which had suffered somewhat from the ravages of winter.

Born with an adventurous spirit, K Fitzgerald was keen to try the new product and was very pleased with its results.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Watch this space for more exciting competitions!

Bon appetit!